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Spornette Ion Fusion Cushion Paddle Brush with nylon ball (#172)

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    Detalhes do Produto

    The Spornette Ion Fusion Cushion Paddle Brush’s long, ball-tipped nylon bristles are great for straightening, smoothing, and detangling short, medium, and long hair. The large paddle also can be used massage scalp and style while reducing any pulling and snagging. These Tourmaline Ionic Bristles reduce static with every pass and ensure the hair has maximum shine.

    The Ions from the tourmaline bristle help break down water molecules and dry the hair faster. This feature is extremely beneficial for people with coarse and thick hair types. This is also the ideal brush to use with your daily blow dry to help your hair stay healthier longer.

    To achieve the best results with your Ion Fusion paddle brush, section damp hair and run the paddle brush, bristles facing outward, through your hair as you blow dry on medium heat.

    The Spornette Ion Fusion Paddle Hair Brush is a lightweight and convenient paddle brush that is perfect for brushing out any hair length. It has long and flat sides that are great for brushing large hair sections. It is also ideal for distributing styling products such as mousses and gels. This brush is perfect and works best when it is used to straighten, style or brush out long hair lengths.

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    Spornette Ion Fusion Cushion Paddle Brush with nylon ball (#172)

    Spornette Ion Fusion Cushion Paddle Brush with nylon ball (#172)


    R$ 88,00 à vista no boleto

    6x de R$ 16,67 sem juros
    R$ 100,00
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